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Rental Application Guide

Thank you for your interest in renting with Silverheels Property Management. We work hard to provide the best customer service for our Tenants. With our new secure online application, online property database and Tenant Portal access that includes several ways to pay your rent online, we are changing the way we can provide better and quicker service to our customers and give you the Silverheels Advantage!

Our Application Policy

In compliance with the Federal Fair Housing Law, we do not discriminate against any person regardless of Race, Color, Religion, Sex, Handicap, Familial Status, or National Origin.

Each applicant and co-applicant are required to pay a $25 application fee to cover processing that is NON-refundable. Your approved application is valid for 90 days.

Non-resident guarantors (co-signers) may be required if you have little or no credit, if you are supported in full or part by someone other than yourself or if you have gaps of tenancy or employment. Each Guarantor will be required to complete an application and submit the $25 application fee.

Our Tenant Selection Plan (TSP) does not allow us to rent to you if we find evictions within the last 5 years, unpaid balances due to landlords, insufficient income, unsatisfactory references or recent or non-discharged misdemeanor offenses. Unqualified occupants, pets, and/or vehicles can also be a reason for being declined. Felonies of illegal manufacture or distribution of a controlled substance within the last 10 years, felonies resulting in bodily harm or intentional damage or destruction of property, within the last 10 years, or sexually related offenses for any time period are reasons for disqualification.

Silverheels Property Management reserves the right to decline tenancy based on inability to verify references provided.

Pet Policy

We do have a limited number of properties that will allow certain pets. Each pet must be approved by Silverheels Property Management for the apartment chosen to avoid a lease violation. If a pet is permitted, there will be a pet deposit and monthly pet rent whether it’s an indoor or outdoor pet. Contact our office for restrictions and details. A pet application and picture will be required with submission of your rental application if the property does allow pets. You must disclose all pets on the application.

Due to liability issues, we are unable to rent to tenants who own dogs whose breed has historically been bred or trained for protection, attack or fighting. This includes, but is not limited to the following breeds: Rottweiler, Doberman Pinscher, Pit Bull, American Staffordshire Terrier, American Bull Terrier, Presa Canario, Bull Mastiff, German Shepard, etc.

Minimum Requirements to Apply

Failure to comply with the minimum requirements below could result in delay or denial of the application or, in the event a lease has commenced, forfeiture of the lease.

Be prepared to provide the following information on the application:

  • Personal information for each adult applicant (18 yrs and older). Each adult applicant must have a valid ID and apply individually and pay the application fee. If a co-signer or guarantor is allowed, a separate application and application fee is required.
  • Information on all intended residents, adults and minors, must be listed on the application.
  • Proof of income (pay stubs or tax returns) showing all adults combined monthly income totals at least two (2) times the monthly rent. Documentation is required for any pension/retirement, SSDI, SSI, etc.
  • Employment and Landlord references and/or ownership history information and must be verifiable and include telephone numbers and fax numbers for all employment/income sources. Self-employed individuals need income tax returns and 3 recent bank statements. Please let your employer and landlords know we will be calling to avoid delays.
  • If you apply for a Pet Friendly apartment, a digital photo of you with your pet(s) must be submitted. Send photos to our office email at with your name in the Subject Line or upload them during your application process.
  • A completed application in its entirety. Failure to fill out the application properly may delay the processing or result in denial of application. Completed applications are processed in the order received, though we will process other applications if your references are non-responsive.

HOLD Deposit

Please note that acceptance of your application and fees does not guarantee you a rental property. We typically have a small inventory to choose from that will vary depending on the time of year. If you find what you’re looking for and you meet all the criteria of our Tenant Selection Plan, consider applying a HOLD deposit on that unit. You can find more information on how the process works on our website on the HOLD Application page.

Application Approval

If you are approved for the property, the following must take place prior to occupancy:

  • The security deposit must be paid with a money order or cash within three (3) business days of notification of approval in order to hold the property and refuse other applicants.
  • The Lease/Rental Agreement must be signed at the time the security deposit is paid.
  • The first month’s pro-rated rent must be paid in full on the day the applicant takes possession of the premises.

After all the paperwork is completed, we will provide you with your keys and any other information you need at your move-in inspection and you can get moved in and enjoy your new apartment home.

We hope this answers many of your questions regarding the application process at Silverheels. Visit our website to find out more about properties available, Tenant Resources and local services to help you get started to find your new apartment home. Please call us at 740-374-8150 if you need more information.

Silverheels Property Management, LLC