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Income Eligibility Guidelines

The world of affordable housing has rules and regulations that potential tenants should be aware of before they enter the application process. These rules are in place to assure that people are eligible and in need of assistance with housing. This section of our website will help you understand that it is really not that complicated!l HUD Projects managed by Silverheels Property Management, LLC are designated for the Elderly, generally those 62 and older although some locations have special conditions that may allow lower age limits. Applicants may also be eligible based on disability.

Please inquire about the Tenant Selection Plan when talking with the resident manager for further guidelines.

Only persons whose household income and assets do not exceed the income limits set by HUD may rent apartments in a project managed by Silverheels Property Management, LLC. The anticipated household gross income is used to verify the household’s eligibility.

Income includes (but not limited to) employment income before taxes, business income, gross income, form Social Security, SSI, Pension, Alimony, recurring gifts, and income from assets.

Assets include (but not limited to) checking and savings accounts, Retirement accounts, rental property, etc.

Each county has different income limitations that are explained in the Tenant Selection Plan.

Senior / Disabled Low Income Subsidized Housing
Find available subsidized apartment housing for eligible seniors or disabled tenants.

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